Grab a seat by the fire.

campfire candle co. was founded in 2020 by Ashley Twigg,
a Massachusetts native, and New Englander through & through, her best & fondest memories involve sitting by a crackling campfire.

Campfire is the scent tied to a million memories made. 

The smell of many summer nights up north in the White Mountains of New Hampshire sitting around the fire with the best of company: family.
It's the smell of bonfires & high school parties in the woods.
It's the adventures & mischief found growing up in a quiet little Massachusetts town. 
It's the smell of backyard fire pits and BBQ's, laughing into the night with old friends.
It is the smell of so many cherished moments, of memories made: vibrant, faded, and lasting. 

It is the smell of freedom, fun, laughter, love, family & home.

campfire candle co. is meant to be just that: the scents that bring us back home.
campfire candle co. candles are hand poured, small batch, & 100% soy wax candles. The wax is made from soy beans grown on American farms, and all products utilized to create our candles are purchased from American companies and wholesalers.
campfire candle co. believes in the American work force & building our own small business, by supporting others like us!
Soy wax is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that is a much healthier candle option for you, your pets, and your home as it provides a cleaner, longer burn without the worry of toxins and chemicals going into the air.