We Don’t Need To Hear It

We don’t need to hear that it goes by fast, to soak up every moment, to enjoy them while they’re young.
We feel it every day.
The way they grow and learn and change more into a little person than our baby was the day before.
The tiny infant we held for hours and rocked to sleep, and whispered to in the dark early hours of the morning.
We stared at your face in amazement and told ourselves remember this…remember every part of this.
Remember those lashes and little hands. Remember their warmth in your arms and the way you both breathe easier together.
Remember the sound of that first belly laugh, the wobbly first step, the sight of that first tooth.
We don’t need to hear soak it in, because we are trying to with everything we have.
These moments are miracles, and these miracles are so quickly memories and we know that.
We felt that baby get heavier and taller and harder to sway side to side to sleep.
That baby we were so proud to see sit up, and roll and crawl now runs through the halls of our home.
With every “I love you” and “good night” they now speak, are the memories of so many nights before, where those words were just felt not said.
And, while we cherish every new word, and every new skill, our heart aches with them too.

As they grow out of each previous version of themselves we pray we can remember them all.

We don’t need to hear it, because we feel it a thousand times a day, in a thousand different ways.

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