The People From Home

Maybe you don’t realize it, but there are people from your hometown who you may only consider acquaintances, people you once knew, faces you maybe can’t even name anymore but would recognize in a crowd, that are rooting for you. 

There’s someone out there who remembers your awkward years, the days you spent trying to make yourself blend in, seem smaller, fade to the back that see you now thriving and are so proud of you.

There’s someone out there who sees your pictures getting married, having babies, seeing the world and thinks good for them, I’m so happy they found that. 

There are people out there who think back and maybe wish they were kinder to you. They have grown up and know now they were wrong, they wish they could take it back, say I’m sorry. 

There are people that wish they went out of their way to tell you your existence mattered to them. Your presence was a comfort. You were the kind face in the crowd when they needed it. 

There are people I knew that had it tough, lost someone they loved, struggled with demons, didn’t have enough, didn’t feel enough, that I hoped would someday overcome it, be okay. 

My heart hurts for those that never got the chance to rise above it all. 

There are many people I was fond of in school that weren’t my close friends but I find myself now rather invested in their happiness, hoping they find joy, and life gives them good things. 

There are people who you are forever connected to now by your shared experiences in the trenches of your small town, all the good, bad and indifferent along the way. 

There are people out there simply wanting good for you because at a time in your life when you too felt lost and lonely, they smiled at you or laughed with you, or just said hi in a hallway.

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