The Magic Words

I wish I could piece together the right words that could piece you back together. That I could offer you the most perfect warm hug that makes all your broken parts whole again through just the right sentence. That I could promise happiness will someday come again, and because I chose the right combination of sounds and phrases, you’d believe it to be true.
They’d register like a code word, a light would switch back on, the chime of a church bell sounding. The ice around you would start to melt. The start of a flower popping through the surface of the dirt. Somewhere in the distance we’d hear a songbird start to sing.
You’d wake up from this fog you are in and all the gray would turn to color. Your sad eyes would regain their spark. The sun would finally peek through the clouds. The endless rain would stop.
My words would bring you back to life. The phoenix who has refused to rise, could just suddenly fly again. Free, beautiful, peaceful.
I hope these words come to me. I hope they fall like magic from my lips, the elixir needed to reverse your sorrow. I keep searching for them. I try out all the different ones, scanning you for some little sign I got it right.
I haven’t yet, but I’ll keep trying.

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