My Hope In Grief

The loss of someone you love creates the hole in you where grief comes to live. 

Grief moves in with no intentions of leaving. It will be there for every holiday, every special occasion. It will be there in the simplest moments when the reminder of them hits you out of where, sipping your morning coffee or sitting at a red light. It will make you gasp for air when you have something you want to share with them and realize you cannot. 

But my hope for this grief is this:

I hope in time, this hole that is grief can be filled with all the best parts of you. I hope I can bottle up your kindness, your love, your positivity and carry that with me in all that I do. 

I hope I can use this grief to show the people I love what they mean to me in words, in actions, in 1000 different ways like you did. I hope I exude love. I hope I carry your kindness. I hope that I take the time to just be nicer to those I come in contact with and it will be because of you that I do so. I hope I can leave as many people as possible better than I found them, even just the slightest bit happier. I hope I let things go. I hope I learn that if it doesn’t serve me or someone else in a positive way, then it doesn’t matter. I hope I can find the good parts of everyday even when they are hard to find. I hope that I cherish the people I have and every minute I am given with them. 

I hope I can take this hurt and turn it into something beautiful, for you. 

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