Love When It's Hard

But can you love them when they’re broken? When they are shattered into pieces and their words cut you like glass?

Can you bear the brunt of their pain when they have no where else to place it but your arms?

Can you muster up the strength for you both when all of theirs is lost?  

Can you look them in their somber eyes and tell them I can handle this for you? I will take this on come whatever cost. 

Can you sit beside them when they have no words to say? When the air feels heavy and hollow between you. 

Can you navigate through the storm even when you’re scared and somehow promise to lead the way? 

And when you’re battered by the burden of it all, will you still grab their hand in the dark of the night, telling them it’ll be ok?

Sure, you can love them when it’s easy, but can you love them when it’s hard? 

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