Let's Be A Writer...

Do you remember Greatest Journal? I think that was the name. It was popular when I was in Junior High. What I would give to be able to read the musings I was comfortable sharing with the internet at 13. I am embarrassed at the things I was willing to share at 22... and still often now at 33. I believe that's why my generation has a problem with over sharing, and I'll admit we certainly do. We have been given keys to the proverbial castle of the interwebs since grade school. I shouldn't know what acquaintances are eating for lunch every day, or why a girl I worked at Dunkin Donuts with 15 years ago has to find a new home for her cat, but here we are.

But I think there is beauty in it too. Beauty in the vulnerability of sharing. In today's world, it seems most people are simply sharing for the accolades and applause. It's the world of "likes" is it not? My reasons for sharing are not that, though they are at times self-indulgent for sure.

I like sharing because occasionally what you share connects with someone. It makes them feel something. Maybe it's just an ounce happier. Or, it makes them feel just a tiny bit less alone. Perhaps it makes them think hey, if she can experience that, achieve that, or overcome that - then maybe I can too. And that, that is what I love about sharing my experiences and thoughts with other people. 

That, and I also love when people think I am funny. A character flaw? Maybe. But what good is a clever line or a quick-witted thought- if no one gets to laugh at it but you? (Honestly, for me still pretty good- I am my ideal audience after all, but an additional human laugh obviously takes the cake.)

My favorite means of sharing has always been in the form of longwinded stories: self-deprecating and lighthearted. People take themselves soo seriously now and I do not connect with that. Life is not always so picture perfect. It is messy, chaotic, scary, and beautiful- and those who can admit all those things, leaning into them and wearing those truths on their sleeves, I love that. I want the words I share to be words people can connect with and feel something about.

So, while candles are good and all- writing is what I love. And well, if I have this platform, might as well take advantage, right?

So, I am going to write here.

Stephen King says to be a writer you need to read a lot and you need to write a lot. Even if this is writing just for the sake of practicing writing. Let's give it a whirl. (I may consider using less idioms, who knows!)

Maybe along the way this will connect with people (even if it's 2!) who may read some words that they need to hear, that make them feel an ounce happier, or for even a fleeting moment that the things they are experiencing may not be unique to just them. 


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